Our Founder

Get to know a little more about our wonderful and lovely founder.

Susan is a young Peruvian-American mother who was blessed with a son, a young toddler boy named Kenneth. She thinks that being a first-time mom is one of the most transformative, unique, and unrepeatable experiences that a woman can have.

As a new mom she had some initial fears about raising her son, but little by little she embraced all those fears to be able to give him the best always. Also, thanks to the support of her husband and family, she knew how to deal with some challenges such as knowing that her baby is allergic to various things. This is because her husband’s family members are allergic from birth. For that reason, when having to dress her son, Susan had to look for garments that were hypoallergenic and did not harm her child’s sensitive skin.

In Peru, she discovered a soft and premium organic cotton known as Pima cotton. This cotton is ideal for sensitive skin, is transpirable, and is super soft from the first touch. That’s why Susan decided to start dressing her son in garments made of Pima cotton. Since that moment, her son has not had any skin allergies or reactions and has been free to do whatever without discomfort.

This year, she started to create her own brand of baby clothes because she wanted all children to have the best garments. Susan is the founder and CEO of Kenneth & Samantha, a stylish clothes for kids, where you can find trendy garments made of Pima cotton and many accessories like wooden rattles and attachment blankets made by another young mother who knits with organic cotton. Besides, Susan’s dream is to support women in vulnerable communities who have similar financial hardships.