Peruvian Cotton

Peruvian cotton is one of the best in the world and has been noted for its exceptional durability, shine, and softness.

Peruvian cotton also has several varieties such as Tanguis, del Cerro, Aspero, and Pima, the latter known worldwide for its extraordinary length and its main fibers that characterize it.

Gossypium barbadense is the scientific name of the cotton type that is cultivated in Peru. The pre-Incan cultures used it to make the fabrics that even today keep their properties almost intact. In the beginning of the 20th century, two new varieties emerged: Pima and Tanguis, which remains amongst those with the longest, finest and most resistant fiber in the world.

The quality of Peruvian cotton in its different varieties makes it one of the most exported products in the country and has high levels of foreign exchange earnings. Being recognized in the world of fashion that many designers and national and international brands recommend it.

Pima Cotton

Pima cotton has an extraordinary length, fineness, and softness in its fibers, ensuring a product with strong and resistant threads, while Tanguis is ideal to mix with wool. It is important to mention that Pima cotton is harvested by hand to maintain its purity and properties, making it one of the star products of Peru.

Pima Cotton Benefits


Ideal for sensitive skin and allergies, both respiratory and skin.


It provides durability, flexibility and does not spoil with washing.


It doesn’t itch or irritate and has great softness.


It’s fresh and helps absorb the moisture produced by the body.


It has a great softness to the touch and excellent quality.