Girl T-shirt


A basic garment in your little girl’s wardrobe this summer! Our Girl t-shirt is made of organic, soft, and hypoallergenic Pima cotton. This t-shirt has a beautiful animal embroidered.

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  • ● 100% pima cotton
  • ● Round neckline for easy dressing
  • ● Nickel-free poppers on the crotch
  • ● Embroidered detail on the chest area
  • ● Made in Peru




Pima Cotton

  • ● Great softness
  • ● Ideal for sensitive skin
  • ● Comfortable and versatile to wear
  • ● Durability and quality
  • ● Hypoallergenic
  • ● Breathable
  • ●Pima cotton is one of the world’s longest, finest, and most resistant fibers.
  • ● More about Pima cotton



The Tale of Little Armstrongs

Once upon a time in the magical, mystical land of Peru, there lived a little girl who, as she grew up, developed more and more of a love for garments and fashion.

In the crowded city of Lima, Peru, a young mother named Ana had her first baby, Susan. She enjoyed dressing Susan in beautiful, hand-crafted dresses, skirts, blouses, and more. Everywhere Susan went, people appreciated her lovely, delicate outfits that stood out in the crowd. Ana worked hard to give her daughter these luxuries that she herself wasn’t able to have while growing up in a low-income home. Her mother sold hand-sewn scarves in the local markets to get by. She had never even had a doll growing up. Susan was her opportunity to discover the fashion world.

Susan’s mother and grandmother gave her love, respect, and passion for those delicate fabrics, and helped plant the seeds that have motivated her to start her own doll clothing line as a young woman. She was passionate about creating new styles and leading in the footsteps of her family. Now, years later, Susan is still hungry to bring beautiful, renewable goods with sustainable materials and production to the world at scale.

These days, Susan is a young mother who was blessed with her own son, a toddler named Kenneth. She always looks for the best for her son, which is why she dresses him in hypoallergenic garments. Her greatest desire is that all children also have the best in clothes, so she was inspired to begin a baby clothes business – now known as Kenneth & Samantha.

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